Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a set of ambitious global targets for participating countries, shaping policy development, organizational efforts and stakeholder engagement over the next 15 years.

In September 2015, representatives from Agrium joined world leaders to participate in the launch of the 17 U.N. SDGs. Our company is well positioned to meaningfully contribute to many of the goals, most notably the end of hunger and poverty, the achievement of food security and improved nutrition, and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Land, water and nutrients are key inputs into food production. The growing scarcity of land and water in many parts of the world makes it imperative to use and manage these resources sustainably. Our focus on promoting nutrient stewardship through the 4R system and offering innovative products and precision agriculture services helps to increase crop input efficiency, resulting in less waste and potential runoff while improving crop yields and quality.

In addition to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through 4R Nutrient Stewardship, Agrium is also an active participant in the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The Global Compact’s 2017 SDG Industry Matrix for Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals describes how Agrium’s promotion of 4R helps to achieve socio-economic benefits for large and small scale farmers (SDG#2, Zero Hunger) by increasing crop yields and at the same time, reduce environmental impacts from the less than optimal use of fertilizer.

Agrium has also been acknowledged in the SDG Industry Matrix as a leader in SDG#13, Climate Action. The 4R based Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol, or NERP, works by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from nitrogen applications at the farm level.

Agrium aims to support the SDGs through the development of a free app called Global Hero. The games in the app demonstrate what the SDGs are all about (in a way that’s fun!)