Agrium is Nourishing a Growing World

Agrium is Nourishing a Growing World

While there is much work to do, we are inspired to make our contribution to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal of eradicating extreme hunger. We provide crop nutrients and other crop production inputs that are helping growers around the world produce abundant and nutritious food in a responsible manner.

Product Responsibility

When a product leaves our doors, that doesn’t mean it leaves our consideration. We regularly examine the lifecycle of our products to understand their broader impacts. You can read on other pages how we’re managing environmental, community and safety impacts of our extraction and production processes. This section relates our management approach to the product use stage of the lifecycle:

What Agrium is doing to ensure the safe and effective use of our products:

  • We’ve entered into numerous partnerships with employees, customers, industry associations, governments and communities to encourage the responsible management and use of our products and services. See nutrient stewardship.
  • We’re developing products (e.g., controlled release nitrogen) for global markets that build best management practices into the product.
  • Our products endure product testing for quality and consistency. 
  • We assembled a Product Stewardship Committee to research and recommend appropriate measures for providing customers with information. 
  • We employ more than 475 Certified Crop Advisors who work directly with growers to customize safe and effective crop management programs. We also employ agronomists who work with researchers to develop and refine best management practices.
  • We post all of our material safety data sheets (MSDS) on our website.