Employee Development

Employee Development

At Agrium, we strive to create a work environment that supports, motivates and rewards employees allowing them to grow and learn with us.

Employee Development

On-the-job Training

Experience makes up the largest part of development as employees work through tasks in their role at the company. There are special job assignments that can be given that may involve new initiatives or locations at the company. Cross-functional teams are also a way to gain access to different types of skills and backgrounds.


Agrium has training programs for new employees to orient them not only on company policies but also on our business, nutrients and a review of plant basics. Documents on our business and the science we use are made available on our Intranet.


Personal development by mentoring and coaching is available. Employees can also access a 360 degree tool to help them assess where they need to focus to advance.

External Knowledge

Some of our employees need specialized training from conferences, seminars or at a local educational institution. Agrium takes all requests for furthering the relevant knowledge base of employees. External knowledge can also come in the form of belonging to professional associations or getting professional designations.

"At Agrium, it’s always been about growth – whether that is growing our business, our market share or our earnings. But it’s also about your growth, your world at Agrium ­– your financial success, your personal well-being and your passion." – Mike Wilson, Agrium President and CEO

Growth is a big part of Agrium’s culture so it makes sense that we put emphasis on employee development. We expect that in the right environment you will grow here too. Agrium employees have access to 360 degree feedback tools that help them identify their strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities. Employees who are interested in advancing, work with their leader or mentor to make progress towards their goals. The rate at which our employees grow depends on their motivation to develop. Click on the icons below to learn more about what employees can access to further their learning.