Merchandise, Services & More

The merchandise product category is a much broader category for our Australian and Canadian retail operations than it is for Agrium's U.S. and South American operations. Our product line branches out into fencing, feed supplements, livestock-related animal health products, irrigation equipment and more. The fuel and equipment businesses acquired from Viterra in Canada are also included.

We also offer our growers additional value through the services we provide such as product application, soil and leaf testing and crop scouting. Members of our retail team become trusted advisers to the farmer as they put together a management plan for each distinct stage of crop production.

Seed treatment is another service we provide to growers. This involves applying products to seeds to protect them from pests and disease. Services in our Australian retail operations also include providing customers with livestock marketing, as well as various insurance and real estate services.

The advance of precision agriculture under Agrium's Echelon platform allows us to further serve our grower/customers. In broad terms, this tool uses a mapping technology to capture information about a field and analyze that information to improve the decision making process in crop production.