New Video: Power of Youth

From growing up to grown up: it’s a transition that can happen in the snap of your fingers.

For many young men and women, the early years of their careers can be a bit intimidating. That’s one of reasons why Agrium’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) was first formed in Calgary, Alberta in 2013.

“I wish I had had a YPN group to join when I got my first job out of college,” says Brent Smith, Vice President, Proprietary Technology & Innovation and Chair of Agrium’s Diversity Inclusion Council.

Brent sees the value and the benefits of peer resource groups, and he was proud to highlight a few of them in Agrium’s new Young Professionals Network video, recently posted on our YouTube channel.

Employees in their 20s and early 30s often have a lot to learn, and the ability to surround yourself with a network of peers can be invaluable – and that’s where the YPN comes in. The YPN is one of two employee resource groups that contribute to Agrium’s Diversity Inclusion Strategy. The other is the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN).

The YPN officially became part of Agrium’s overall DI strategy in 2015. In 2016, the YPN launched chapters in Loveland, Colorado and Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

 “We have seen firsthand the power of diversity with this demographic, whether it is around their willingness to try new things, take risks, embrace technology, or bring new ideas to make things more efficient in our business,” says Mr. Smith.

For more on the YPN and what it’s about, watch the video below.