The Whole Wheat Package

With wheat commodity prices at current levels, the economics for growing this crop are challenging. However, for a crop that provides 18 percent of revenue to Agrium Retail, the business is focused on the customer, providing trusted advice to weather the tough times.

Building customer relationship starts even before the seed goes in the ground. By working directly with wheat breeders, seed varieties are developed to fit geographical areas and customer requirements. Agrium Retail’s, Dyna-Gro Wheat Seed varieties are some of the top performers in the United States – but seed is only a small part of puzzle.

As a living organism, the seed requires the appropriate nutrients to grow strong and yield the best crop possible. With expertise from agronomists and specialists who work for Crop Production Services – Agrium Retail’s North American operation – soil testing ensures that whatever is placed on the ground is done in an environmentally sound way, while still fully supporting the crop.

Mastering the crop requirements is a continuous process as the plants begin to grow. Additional treatments and nutritionals provided through Agrium Retail’s Loveland Products give the seed the right nutrients to thrive from planting to harvest.

But the right program for the customer only comes together when you have the right people providing the recommendation. Unique to Agrium Retail and the wheat program is the number of people walking the fields to understand the specific needs of the operation before making recommendations on how to best support the crop.

With the combined knowledge of seed, fertilizer and chemistry, customers can be confident they are each receiving the best possible recommendation for their operation.