We're proud to say our leadership team is one of the best. Their collective experience and skills, coupled with their passion and dedication, allow us to continue to look to a healthy and sustainable future.

Meet Our Officers

Derek G. Pannell

​Board Chair

Charles (Chuck) V. Magro

President & Chief Executive Officer

Steve J. Douglas

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Henry (Harry) Deans

Senior Vice President and President, Wholesale Business Unit

Michael J. Frank

Executive Vice President and President, Retail Business Unit

Susan C. Jones

Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Leslie A. O’Donoghue

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy & Chief Risk Officer

Michael R. Webb

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Andrew J. Kelemen 

Vice President, Corporate Development 

Angela S. Lekatsas

Vice President & Treasurer

Fredrick R. Thun

Vice President, Finance

Gary J. Daniel

Corporate Secretary