We're proud to say our leadership team is one of the best. Their collective experience and skills, coupled with their passion and dedication, allow us to continue to look to a healthy and sustainable future.

Meet Our Officers

Derek G. Pannell

​Board Chair

Charles (Chuck) V. Magro

President & Chief Executive Officer

Steve J. Douglas

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Henry (Harry) Deans

Senior Vice President and President, Wholesale Business Unit

Susan C. Jones

Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Leslie A. O’Donoghue

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy & Chief Risk Officer

Michael R. Webb

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Andrew J. Kelemen 

Vice President, Corporate Development 

Angela S. Lekatsas

Vice President & Treasurer

Fredrick R. Thun

Vice President, Finance

Gary J. Daniel

Corporate Secretary