Learning & Development

Employees are not on their own when it comes to career and personal development. Agrium’s philosophy on development is for employees to maximize their potential while delivering superior results.

The company’s success depends on our ability to execute our business strategy better than any of our competitors, and the ongoing development of our people is a critical piece of that success.

Agrium supports and encourages employees’ continuous learning by offering job-specific, in-person and online training, reimbursement toward higher education, professional development and informal mentoring opportunities. We have high expectations for employees’ personal growth. We take a practical approach to learning, recognizing that in most cases learning is achieved through 70 percent on-the-job experience, 20 percent feedback and coaching, and 10 percent classroom education.

Leadership succession planning and development is vital in meeting our current and future needs as an organization. In 2015, we formally identified the top 50 roles most critical to Agrium’s long-term success and developed a Leadership Competency Model describing the key knowledge, skills and behaviors expected of Agrium’s leaders. We estimate that approximately 80 percent of the long-term talent Agrium needs is available in our existing employee base and our succession and leadership development plans will enable these top internal candidates to prepare and excel in their future roles.

The technical and leadership learning curricula are developed by our in-house faculty of about 25 professionals who have significant experience in developing effective adult learning experiences in classrooms and online. We focus on providing an open learning environment where employees can discuss and debate topics. We extend these learning opportunities throughout Agrium, but especially to young professionals as a critical part of retaining their valuable talent. Agrium provides tuition reimbursement to employees. We also offer employees’ children who are students and new graduates many opportunities through our scholarship and bursary programs, as well as through practical job experience.

Programs like Engineer-in-Training and Marketer-in-Training as well as rotational opportunities for accounting and finance specialists help new grads put their skills to work.