Development & Learning

Employees are not on their own when it comes to career and personal development. Agrium’s philosophy on development is for employees to maximize their potential while delivering superior results.

The company’s success depends on our ability to execute our business strategy better than any of our competitors, and the ongoing development of our people is a critical piece of that success.

At Agrium, we take a 70/20/10 approach to learning and development: 70% on-the-job experience, 20% feedback and coaching, and 10% classroom education. A practical approach to learning is essential.

In addition to in-house training programs, we offer numerous other avenues for personal development including:

  • mentoring program;
  • career development support;
  • international work opportunities;
  • tuition reimbursement;
  • language classes;
  • support for professional accreditation and apprenticeships;
  • leadership development program, and Global Mindset for Leaders workshops; and
  • online tools and resources.

Many employees use 360° feedback tools to help identify their strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities.