Attraction & Retention

Agrium’s true competitive advantage is our ability to attract and retain the right people. Our programs are designed to ensure a high performing workforce with a focus on the well-being and engagement of our employees.

We conduct external surveys to ensure that our total compensation offering is competitive. Our total compensation package consists of a base salary, benefits and incentive programs designed to recognize and reward individual, business unit and company-wide performance. Our benefits programs include health and dental care, parental leave, flexible work schedules, life insurance and other forms of financial or non-financial compensation.

We maintain defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans in Canada and in the United States. The majority of employees are members of defined contribution pension plans. We also maintain health care plans and life insurance benefits for retired employees.

As Agrium becomes a more global company, we realize that we need to continually attract people with international experience. In fact, we feel that our global breadth attracts the broad-minded professionals we believe can help Agrium continue to provide solutions to global issues. We offer several programs to attract young employees, including internships and rotation programs for new graduates entering our finance function, Engineer-in-Training, and marketing and sales roles.

Employee Engagement

Agrium periodically surveys our employees on a number of subjects to gauge employee engagement and communication. The 2015 employee survey was revised from previous years, making year-overyear comparison difficult. The survey achieved a high response rate (88 percent) and provided many useful insights.

Agrium’s employee engagement index (4.14) surpassed the PricewaterhouseCoopers benchmark for high-performing companies (3.99), confirming that our workforce is highly motivated to contribute to the success of our company. Our mission of feeding the world responsibly is important to our employees and 85 percent of survey participants said they are proud to work at Agrium.

The survey identified room for improvement on how our leaders tie Agrium’s corporate strategy to the goals of individual employees. Results showed that employees also want to see updates made to Agrium’s performance management system. Plans are underway to address these information needs.