Sustainability Reports

We use the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and stakeholder input to influence the content of our sustainability reports.

We expanded our stakeholder consultation process in 2013, interviewing 21 individuals representing investors, communities, customers, suppliers, employees, environmental non-profit organizations and industry associations. Top issues identified by these stakeholders include employee safety, initiatives to reduce environmental impacts of products and services, public health and safety, corporate governance and the setting of sustainability targets.

We considered the following factors when structuring our 2012-2013 report and its 2014 update:

  • Stakeholder interests and expectations;
  • Key concerns and future challenges facing the agricultural sector;
  • Relevant laws and regulations;
  • Voluntary commitments we have made; and
  • Vital factors essential to our success, including our values, policies, strategies, management systems, goals and targets.

Other ways we gather insight into what we report comes from our daily interactions with customers and stakeholders, during community outreach activities, through our employee hotline, at meetings with government representatives and during investor briefings. All of these forums provide valuable opportunities to listen and better understand what our stakeholders want to know about our sustainability performance.

We publish a full sustainability report with commentary every two years, and key performance data in alternate years. We have prepared five biennial reports.