Our Sustainability Vision

Feeding the World Responsibly

Agrium’s mission is to help feed the world responsibly. Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of agricultural products, services and solutions. And our strategy is to offer growers a complementary portfolio of agricultural products, services and solutions that increase farm productivity, while providing growing returns for our shareholders.

Feeding the world responsibly means helping farmers grow more food more efficiently, and doing it in ways that protect the environment, support economic vitality and enhance communities and human wellbeing. At Agrium, we believe that collaboration, innovation and commitment are keys to improving the lives of today’s and future generations.

At Agrium, we operate our business to high standards as both a leader in agribusiness and a company with significant scope and scale. Our efforts begin with sound governance and management of our own operations, and extend to include collaboration with industry partners and the influence we have on our customers, suppliers and communities. Collaboration and influence amplify our efforts to feed the world responsibly.

One of the greatest challenges the global community has faced is how to sustainably feed a rapidly growing population. This challenge is complex and won’t be solved quickly, but we believe we’re stronger working together. By collaborating with multiple groups, we tap into greater resources and more ideas to develop programs and solutions with lasting impact from which we can learn and build. These collaborative efforts are the key to feeding the world responsibly and improving the lives of future generations. No single entity can solve this complex issue on its own.


Our Definition of Sustainability

At Agrium, "sustainability" means the enduring well-being of interacting economic, environmental and social systems.