Effective corporate governance helps us demonstrate accountability to our shareholders and other stakeholders. These practices ensure that Agrium meets our corporate goals, while contributing to stability and equity in society.

Agrium’s Board of Directors oversees our company’s sustainability practice. Board Committees include the Environment, Health, Safety & Security Committee; Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee; Audit Committee; and Human Resources & Compensation Committee. These committees work with our Executive Leadership Team to review and evaluate key performance indicators and initiatives. Agrium’s senior executive performance objectives are tied to the core financial, safety and environment, people and operational goals in our annual business plan.

We evolve our corporate governance practices to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements and recommendations of regulatory authorities. We work to understand the concerns of institutional shareholders and other stakeholders and inform them of Agrium’s efforts.

For a summary of our Board of Directors governance, click here (PDF download).

Read our Governance and Management Framework for Sustainability.


Recognizing that Agrium has distinct business divisions and international operations, we empower divisions to set policies to address specific regional or cultural variations. However, to instill a consistent “tone from the top”, we have designated 16 entity-wide policies, including:

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Anti-fraud
  • Diversity
  • Harassment and Workplace Violence
  • Government Relations
  • Political Donations
  • Environment, Health, Safety & Security
  • Safe Driving Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

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Business Conduct and Ethics

Agrium’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Code) outlines our expectations for employee and Director behavior in areas that include conflict of interest, fair dealings, gifts, legal compliance, and confidentiality. Agrium’s Directors and employees worldwide undergo refresher training and formally acknowledge their compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

Agrium continually evaluates and updates the effectiveness of our compliance programs. The Code, along with key company policies that include Anti-corruption, Corporate Social Responsibility and Competition/Anti-Trust are regularly reviewed and updated.

Employees can access our confidential 24-hour, externally administered Compliance Hotline throughout the world in 11 languages. The Hotline is available for reporting any violations or suspected violations of the Code, other Agrium policies, or any other illegal or unethical behavior. Every reported case is taken seriously and investigated  as appropriate.

Agrium has a non-retaliation policy designed to enable employees to raise good faith issues in a safe environment without fear of retaliation. The Hotline also allows for anonymous reporting where legally permissible. Agrium employees are encouraged to report any violations of the Code to their supervisors or any member of senior management, or through the Hotline. Employees can also ask questions related to ethics and business conduct matters through a dedicated email address and through  other avenues.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

As a global company, Agrium operates in a wide range of jurisdictions and is vigilant and proactive in preventing and detecting corruption. We regularly review our compliance with anti-corruption laws and regulations. We evaluate our current and potential operating jurisdictions for risk factors related to corruption and bribery, and require employees in key roles doing business in these areas to complete additional online and in-person training as appropriate.

Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act

Agrium is engaged in mining activities within the scope of the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (the Act, or ESTMA) that came into force on June 1, 2015. On an annual basis, we publicly disclose specific payments made to governments in Canada and abroad related to the commercial development of our mining projects to comply with the Act. Please see our 2016 ESTMA Report.

Agrium’s EHS&S Policy

Agrium is committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and neighbors; the security of our employees, products and facilities and the quality of the environment. Agrium promotes business practices that respect the value of human life and that minimize ecological impacts.

We believe that our employees are our greatest assets and that keeping them safe, healthy and secure is our highest priority. We believe our safety culture starts with the top organizational leadership and extends to all who work for Agrium. We are committed to regularly evaluating and eliminating workplace hazards and providing high-quality employee training and equipment.

We believe that our responsibilities arise from strong, continuously improving business systems that extend beyond meeting regulatory requirements. We are committed to the implementation of our Environment, Health, Safety and Security Management Systems at all levels of the organization. We are committed to conducting frequent and rigorous assessments at all locations to ensure conformance with our systems and to applicable regulatory requirements.

We believe that environmental protection at our facilities is maximized through improved use of energy and natural resources and the effectiveness of our control programs. We are committed to implementing best management practices that address the impacts our business has on the environment.

We believe that product stewardship requires a partnership with our customers to minimize product hazards and the environmental impacts of our products. We are committed to the development, marketing and selling of products and services that are safe, energy efficient, and protective to the environment.

We believe that our neighbors and communities have high expectations for our business and expect that we will operate in a responsible and transparent manner. We are committed to seeking input on matters affecting our neighbors and the community; we will act quickly and responsibly to address concerns and we will communicate our results.

EHS&S Committee of the Board

The Board committee most involved in sustainability issues is the Environment, Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S) Committee.

Read the EHS&S Committee Charter on our Governance Documents page

Entity-wide Policies

Recognizing that Agrium has distinct business divisions and operations in a number of countries, we empower divisions to set policies to address specific regional or cultural variations. However, to instill a consistent ‘tone from the top’ we have designated 16 entity-wide policies, including: our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics; CSR Policy; Government Relations; Anti-fraud; Diversity; Harassment and Workplace Violence; Political Donations; and EHS&S; among others.

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Our Community Outreach Policy requires each production facility to develop a community outreach plan and to provide timely information to the community.

CSR Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Corporate EHS&S Committee, both with Senior Leadership Team membership, set priorities, monitor performance, and investigate long-term targets in conjunction with the corporate groups. The strategic management of sustainability is shared among numerous corporate groups: Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations, EHS&S, Human Resources, Investor Relations and Legal, among others. These groups monitor best practices, develop policies and standards, and support business units. The daily management of sustainability commitments and implementation of programs is guided by business unit leaders.

Policies and Our Code

Company-wide policies guide our behavior and address issues including:

  • harassment and workplace violence;
  • diversity and inclusion;
  • privacy; and
  • safety.

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics addresses conflicts of interest; fair dealing; corruption; and other ethical issues.

The Corporate Human Resources (HR) group is responsible for the governance and oversight of employee programs and services. Each business unit has a head of HR who is responsible for employee program implementation. Agrium's Corporate EHS&S group is responsible for providing corporate guidance and governance with respect to safety and health; however, management at all levels is explicitly responsible and accountable for safety management and performance, including employee safety.

Human Resources and Compensation Committee of Board

The Board committee most involved in employee issues is the Human Resources and Compensation Committee.

View Human Resources & Compensation Committee of Board Charter on our Governance Documents page.