Agrium creates positive environmental change through programs that enrich and improve the way food is grown. We work with customers to ensure our products contribute the maximum value to their crops while minimizing nutrient losses to the environment.

Maximizing Resource Use

At several of our major facilities, Agrium integrates with nearby industries to turn outputs/wastes into useful inputs for other processes.

Engaging children in change

Thousands of young people from around the world participate in Caring for Our Watersheds, an environmental program we created to bring together schools, industry, environmental groups and communities to protect vital natural water resources.


Climate Change

See the programs, policies and goals we have in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency in our production.

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Air Emissions

Reducing our air emissions and protecting air quality is extremely important to Agrium. See how we're doing it.

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See the various ways Agrium is working to reduce our affect on water throughout our operations.

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Soil Health

As crops grow, they take up nutrients from the soil that need to be replenished. See how we're helping to minimize nutrient losses and protect soil quality.

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Land, Habitats & Wildlife

See how Agrium is working to protect land, habitats and wildlife, through reclamation and remediation, spill prevention and proper disposal of hazardous waste.

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Product Impacts

See what we're doing to ensure our nutrients are used properly, and in the right amounts, to protect the environment.

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Operating Renewal

Agrium facilities in Alberta are currently working with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) on...

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