Our business offers growers agricultural products, services and solutions that increase farm productivity and profitability, while providing employment and business opportunities to thousands of rural communities, many of which have limited economic prospects. The multiplier effect means that considerable indirect jobs and opportunities are created as well.

Generating and distributing economic value

In some communities, Agrium has a big presence – employing a measurable percentage of the population, creating business opportunities for local suppliers and contributing to the tax base. Several of these benefits are merely a circumstance of existence, but we go beyond those typical contributions and consider the long-term sustainability of the local community’s economy and social structure.

The Best Practice in Strategic Procurement is to acquire materials and services that provide the best value to Agrium.  At this time, there is no specific mandate for local procurement; however, best efforts are made to do this where practicable. Agrium endeavors to hire local contractors and to procure materials locally, in support of our cost management strategy.

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We create a positive economic impact by generating wealth, and distributing it to a variety of stakeholders. Our business interactions with more than 10,000 suppliers and vendors worldwide generate significant economic benefits. The taxes and royalties we pay to governments provide support to public services and infrastructure development in various jurisdictions. A portion of the economic value retained in Agrium is reinvested in R&D.

Emerging Economies

Agrium is interested in operating in developing nations, not only to expand our markets, but also to help provide the essential building blocks for economic development. We believe the ability to produce safe and abundant food is fundamental to reducing poverty, advancing education and stabilizing the economy.

In deciding if we should enter a specific developing nation, we conduct an assessment that looks at risks related to corruption, land disputes, economic and labor freedom, among other considerations. Once we decide to enter a country, we also make commitments to apply our company-wide policies (often exceeding national regulations), source supplies and employees locally as much as possible, and invest in the communities where we operate.

Increased agricultural yields start a chain reaction for families that translate into better income security, better nutrition, access to health facilities and educational opportunities – and this ripples out into the broader community. In many communities, farming is often the foundation for economic development.

Food Supply & Security

Agrium supplies growers across the globe with crop inputs and nutrients that allow them to maximize food production and create better access to low-cost, high-quality food.

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Research, Development & Innovation

At Agrium, we're constantly researching new and innovative ways to improve our processes and products, so we can increase production while reducing our impact on the environment.

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