Product Safety

Product safety and environmental stewardship are important to us. Through our Product Stewardship Team, formed in 2010, we're working to ensure that our products are safe for our customers and the environment throughout their life cycles.

Agrium is committed to complying with the extensive regulations governing product development, testing and use, but we believe product responsibility extends beyond compliance. We look across the value chain from raw material procurement to production, transport, use and future disposal to identify potential product risks.

Agrium implements product stewardship practices throughout the product lifecycle.


We have implemented our product stewardship standard that specifies practices relating to product development, quality assurance, purchasing, registration, labeling, product safety and other issues. Our programs are consistent with the underlying principles of the International Fertilizer Association’s Protect & Sustain product stewardship initiative.

Longstanding concern about pesticide impacts on human and environmental health has been met with close attention and care about product use. Regulatory bodies extensively test pesticides and only authorize those that are safe for humans and the environment. Through our customer interaction, Agrium works to ensure that pesticides are used safely in the right amount and only when and where needed. As described in our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report, precision agriculture allows farmers to target pesticides only to specific areas that require them.

Read our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report for more information on how we address public safety concerns of certain products. More information on our approach to product responsibility is available in our Chemicals and Crop Protection DMA.

Product Quality and Responsibility

As the biggest retailer of crop inputs in the United States, we purchase numerous products from third parties for resale at our outlets. Unlike our own products, we have less control over the quality of third-party products. One way to ensure product quality is to purchase and distribute crop protection products that are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered. We have communicated our corporate responsibility values with suppliers and are working with them to understand and confirm their commitments to our standards. We periodically perform audits of select suppliers and analyze third-party products to ensure compliance with stated specifications.