Many of our educational support programs outside of our business are directed at youth. We are strong advocates for farm safety and leadership development.

Our youth education programs are science-based, align with curriculum and teach sustainable practices that can result in long-term positive change. Our target audience is predominantly school children in rural and urban areas, but also includes growers and their families.

We engage a variety of stakeholders in the development and implementation of our educational programming to have greater impact and reach. Our programs are often developed for youth and youth educators in partnership with not-for-profit organizations. We also believe in sharing with like-minded partners that can help extend the reach and evolve the programs.

We focus our educational programming on three areas: agricultural and nutrient stewardship; farm safety; and the environment. By leading the development of programs like Seed Survivor®, Caring for Our Watersheds®, Journey 2050™ and Agriculture for Life®, we help encourage a new generation to learn more about the challenges and opportunities we face in the world today and to take action. In addition to education, these programs often include a component that involves direct student participation in advancing sustainability. Agrium is committed to continue taking a leading role in teaching children about sustainability.

We’ve also partnered to support a variety of programs including the Calgary Zoo’s Grounds for Change, Little Green Thumbs, Nutrients for Life USA and Nutrients for Life Canada, 4H, Future Farmers of America, Progressive Ag Foundation, Alberta Children’s Hospital Horticultural Therapy, Calgary Stampede and Exhibition, and Agriculture in the Classroom.

Our success is measured by stakeholder feedback and interest. We continually strive to improve the reach of our programs and the quality of the learning.


Growing the Next Generation

Working with our industry associations, we have developed an independent curriculum-based website for youth at Growing the Next Generation to give students and teachers better tools. This website consolidates information and resources for teaching the next generation about agriculture.

Seed Survivor

Agrium is teaching the next generation about growing healthy plants and where food comes from through Seed Survivor. Seed Survivor is a curriculum-based program for elementary school children. The program includes a 35x35 foot exhibit that visits large agriculture exhibitions; two truck and trailer mobile classrooms that travel to elementary schools; four smaller displays with planting stations that visit community events; and an educational website. 

Interactive Seed Survivor games, videos and activities are based on four focus areas: water, light, healthy soil and nutrients. After learning the elements that plants need to grow, visitors can plant a sunflower seed to take home and grow themselves. The exhibits tour North America year round and the tour schedule is set one year in advance to try and meet the extremely high demand. Learn more at