Community Engagement

When we engage with community leaders and residents, we're able to identify what's working and where we can find opportunities for improvement. We strive to be a good neighbor throughout every stage of our presence in a community.

Agrium’s success depends on productive, long-term relationships with a variety of stakeholders whom we directly or indirectly affect. Many of our facilities are located in rural areas, where we are often among the larger employers, giving us the opportunity to play an important role in these communities.


We plan on being part of our communities for the long term. It's this long-term thinking that we incorporate into our approach to community engagement. We convene Community Advisory Panels (CAP) for our Redwater and Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Bend, Ohio facilities because they're located in areas with extensive industrial activities and growing populations. CAP participants provide insight into what is going well or poorly in citizen interactions with Agrium and often identify solutions to local issues. The panels comprise local industry, first responders, representatives from school districts and independent community members.

In some locations we use CAPs, while in others we liaise with community leaders and host open houses for residents. We believe that through open dialogue we can maintain healthy relationships with members of the surrounding community. So we regularly conduct door-to-door visits with neighbors of our production facilities, and offer tours at many of our facilities to students, customers and other groups.

When we open, significantly modify or close a facility, we include neighbors, businesses and other local stakeholders in the decision-making process through dialogue and open houses. We also work with local government officials and industry where appropriate. For more routine activities, we share information and ensure there are open lines of communication as well as opportunities for people to ask questions or provide comments.

Read our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report for a case study of community engagement at our nitrogen production facility in Borger, Texas.