Diversity Inclusion


Agrium is a global business with more than 15,000 employees. This means we have the opportunity to interact with people of various backgrounds from all over the world. 

By aligning inclusion efforts across our workplace, workforce and marketplace, it improves our business effectiveness and supports our overall sustainability as an organization - as well as supporting the personal success of our employees.

We value all our employees who contribute to our understanding of different educational backgrounds, cultures and ages. We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce helps us communicate effectively and adds to our business success.
This is just one of the reasons Agrium has been honored as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers for the past eight years.

Agrium believes this success is tied to our diverse and inclusive workplace culture where people are valued and included for their differences resulting in effective collaboration and innovation. 


Employee Resource Groups, such as the Women's Inclusion Network and the Young Professionals Network, create awareness and opportunity for constructive action and dialogue. We're committed to the employee perspective on diversity inclusion and how it contributes to our business and individual career success.

As a top employer, Agrium has policies in place that promote acceptance. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying in our workplaces. We build a respectful climate where we value diversity, leverage all talents, hear all perspectives and strive to recognize and develop each person to their full potential. We encourage our employees to be accepting of all, and we take violations of our Code of Business Ethics very seriously.                      

We believe all employees are responsible for creating a fair and equitable environment that will foster trust and a fair sense of accomplishment.