Aboriginal Bursary Program

Honored as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for the past seven years, Agrium celebrates and encourages diversity in its workforce.

Agrium recognizes the significance of the Aboriginal talent pool, now the largest of its kind in Canada. We believe in investing in educational opportunities that will help Aboriginal youth establish career ambitions and contribute to the global economy.

This young, upwardly mobile labor force wants and needs workplace opportunities for training, skills development and employment. We hope to tap into this growing and important labor resource in the coming years as a source of talent for Agrium, aligned
with our business objectives and strategies. 

Agrium has established an Aboriginal Bursary Program  in the agricultural studies departments at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Manitoba, and in power engineering at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Agrium’s bursaries are administered by each institution based on  personal achievement criteria, and are open to First Nations, Metis and Inuit  students. Please contact each institution directly for details. 

You can also visit our Job Opportunities section and see if  there is a fit for you at Agrium!