Canadian Benefits

Welcome to Agrium’s new Canadian Benefits website, an easier and more convenient way for Canadian Corporate and Wholesale employees to find what they’re looking for. Complementing the menu structure is Google-powered search functionality.

Agrium’s benefits program is designed with you in mind, providing options that fit your lifestyle. Benefit choices can be changed during annual enrollment as well as after any significant life event.


Agrium’s Flex Benefits Program consists of a base level of coverage provided to all employees. Y...

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Great West Life Benefit Booklet

To learn more about benefits provided to you, this booklet from Great West Life contains...

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Health & Wellness

Benefits are a key element of your world at Agrium. Agrium offers you the flexibility to customize...

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Long-Term Planning

Agrium helps our employees plan down the road, for both the expected and the unexpected situations...

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Leaves & Vacation

Whether it’s a planned or unplanned leave, this section has you covered. Information on long and...

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