The realities of talent supply are changing. We will be hit by a large number of retirees in the near future and previously under-represented groups will represent the majority of the available workforce in North America.

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Inclusive Workplace & Diversity

The Key Ingredient: Inclusion

In our business, Agrium employees interact with people who have backgrounds from around the world – including but not limited to growers, engineers, retailers, customers and business partners. This is one of the reasons why we value employees that contribute to our understanding of different educational backgrounds, cultures, ages and languages. We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce helps Agrium communicate more effectively and adds to its business success.

An Inclusive Culture

We believe our success is tied to maintaining and enhancing an inclusive culture at Agrium. This means people are valued because of, and not in spite of, their differences. Diversity is a collective mixture of visible differences and similarities such as age, gender or race and not-so-visible dimensions such as culture, work style, lifestyle or education. To learn about how this may apply to you click on the icons below for further explanation.

How Agrium Encourages Inclusion: 

As a top employer, Agrium has policies in place that promote acceptance. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying in our workplaces. We build a respectful climate where we value diversity, leverage all talents, hear all perspectives and strive to recognize and develop each person to their full potential. We encourage our employees to be accepting of all and we take violations of our Code of Business Ethics very seriously. At Agrium, we believe all employees are responsible for creating a fair and equitable environment that will foster trust and a fair sense of accomplishment.


Speak up, we value your opinion. We hired you because you bring a certain required skill-set and background to our team. We encourage employees to add their voice to work and provide a fresh perspective on how we add value to our stakeholders.

Cultural Knowledge & Fluency

Your understanding of people from your culture and other backgrounds is valuable to us. It helps us when we work with people from diverse backgrounds and guides us in setting up work environments that meet the needs of all employees. If you speak a different language, please let us know in your interview.


Your age is an asset. We count on younger employees to keep our thinking fresh, and the ‘more experienced’ employees to keep us grounded with their practical application. Agrium is also a family-friendly place to work. If you need to go on maternity/paternity leave, we ensure your exit and return to work is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Family Status

Agrium is a family-friendly company. We aim to be flexible to help parents find a balance between work and family. Flexible work hours are available in some situations. Based on our willingness to work with our employee’s situation, it is not uncommon for employees to stay with us long term. We have the privilege of watching them move through life’s stages and into retirement.

How to Build an Inclusive Environment in your Community

Inclusiveness can flourish in a diverse community if every individual takes the time to learn about others around them. Here are a few ways to encourage an inclusive environment in your community.

  • Become involved in organizations that serve diverse needs
  • Look for new opportunities to share your cultural background, abilities, language or perspective with others 
  • Teach your children to be accepting of people from all backgrounds and abilities
  • Take a class to learn a new language or cuisine
  • Visit a place of prayer for a different religion
  • Attend a cultural event different from your own background
  • Question what you see or hear in the media