The Core of Our Success

Agrium is looking for passionate people who are good at what they do. Some have come to us with impressive experience and some have come right from school, but all have a common purpose in helping us achieve our vision of growth.

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Agrium Inc. is a major Retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America, a leading global Wholesale producer and marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients and the premier supplier of specialty fertilizers in North America. We are the only publicly traded company that is integrated from mining the raw materials for fertilizer production through to selling to growers. Our employees have a hand in helping farmers grow from the very beginning.


Meet the People Behind Agrium

PresidentYou can learn a lot about a company by who it puts in charge. Meet some of the people who make Agrium a top employer starting with our President and CEO, Chuck Magro. The leadership team has worked hard to create an open environment where new employees can learn, advance in the Company and potentially become leaders themselves.



A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

A Diverse and Inclusive WorkplaceDiversity is a collective mixture of visible differences and similarities like age, gender or race and not-so-visible dimensions like culture, work style, lifestyle or education. In the past several years, our employee count at Agrium has doubled to more than 15,800 employees. We continue to need a broad range of people with different skill-sets and experiences to continue to grow and thrive locally and globally. Learn more


Agrium Women’s Leadership Group

The Agrium Women’s Leadership Group (AWLG) drives action. Established in 2004, the AWLG provides mentoring, networking and development opportunities for women within Agrium as a means to support efforts to attract and retain female employees. Learn more


A Sustainable Company

Agrium looks for ways to positively affect the world around us while minimizing our environmental impact. Our vision of sustainability helps guide the actions of employees and our communication with stakeholders. The journey to become a sustainable company gives employees the opportunity to get involved, give back to their communities and make a difference in the world around them. Learn more