Maternity & Parental Leave

Upon the birth or adoption of a child, Agrium grants maternity and parental leaves in accordance with the provincial regulations for the province in which you reside. You are eligible to commence a leave if you are a regular full-time or part-time employee and have worked for Agrium for at least 52 weeks prior to the expected date of delivery or actual date of delivery, whichever is later.

Maternity Leave

  • The Company provides 15 weeks maternity leave.
  • You are eligible for 8 weeks STD benefits as part of your 15 weeks maternity leave. STD benefits will be paid according to the STD policy.
  • STD benefits may start two weeks before your expected delivery date. If medical complications arise after your delivery, the STD leave period may be extended. The extension of STD benefits requires a medical certificate issued by a physician.
  • Six weeks before the estimated date of your delivery, you must notify your immediate supervisor and HR Business Partner in writing stating the estimated date of your delivery and when you intend to start your leave.
  • If, because of the pregnancy, you can no longer reasonably perform your duties, the Company may request you to commence your leave sooner.
  • You may start your leave anytime within the 12 weeks prior to your estimated date of delivery.
  • Subject to operational needs, and with your supervisor’s approval, you may use your current vacation entitlement to extend your maternity leave. You will not be eligible for EI benefits while you are receiving vacation pay. Therefore, any approved vacation should be taken at the end of your leave.

Parental Leave Coverage

  • 37 weeks of parental leave is provided without pay; if both parents work at Agrium, the 37 weeks can be taken by either one parent or shared between both
  • Birth mother must take parental leave immediately following maternity leave; you must give notice if you had only requested to take 15 weeks of maternity leave
  • For fathers and/or adoptive parents, parental leave can begin anytime after child’s birth or adoption, but must be completed within 52 weeks of date of birth/adoption. You must notify your immediate supervisor and Human Resources Business Partner in writing at least 6 weeks prior to the date you intend to start your parental leave, or as soon as you receive notification of your child’s placement date.

When You Return from Leave

  • Four weeks before your leave ends, you are required to notify your HR Business Partner of the date you intend to return to work or terminate your employment, if you decide not to return.
  • When you return from Maternity or Parental Leave, Agrium will reinstate you to the same position, or provide you with a comparable position, at the same salary.

Employment Insurance Benefits (EI)

  • Employment Insurance (EI) benefits are available to employees for Maternity and Parental Leave.
  • For more information on EI eligibility rules, you can visit the Service Canada web site at or call the Employment Insurance office nearest you.
  • It is important that you contact your Employment Insurance office as soon as you start your leave. Shortly after the unpaid portion of your leave beings, Agrium will submit your Record of Employment directly to Service Canada. You can view your Record of Employment on the Service Canada website. If you require a copy, please contact the HR Service Center.

Company Benefit Coverage

  • Your service will be considered continuous
  • Your flex credit allowance will continue during the STD portion of Maternity Leave.
  • The flex benefit coverage you were receiving at the start of your leave will continue for the duration of your leave.
  • When you return from leave or terminate employment, premiums normally paid by you through payroll deduction will be deducted from your first cheque, such as:
    Optional Life Insurance and AD&D
    LTD (if paid through payroll deduction)
  • Cooperators Group – personal home and auto insurance – you must make arrangements directly with Cooperators Group for payment of your premiums.
  • Except for the periods when you are on STD, your voluntary DCPlan and Group RRSP contributions will be suspended until you return to work, however you can make a lump sum contribution to your RRSP account(s) at any time.
  • The company's 6% contribution continues for the DC Plan members after the STD portion of the leave. You will not receive any company match as you are not able to make any voluntary contributions.
  • You will earn vacation during the STD portion of Maternity Leave.