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    Agrium Inc. is a major Retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America, a leading global Wholesale producer and marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients. We are also a premier supplier of specialty fertilizers in North America through our Advanced Technologies business unit.
  • Strategic Business Unit: Retail

    Strategic Business Unit: Retail

    Our customers in this unit are the hard-working growers that meet the growing need for nutritious food in North and South American markets. Building relationships with producers in each of our markets allows us to grow with our customers and stay current on their needs.
  • Strategic Business Unit: Wholesale

    Strategic Business Unit: Wholesale

    The primary end consumer for our Wholesale products is the agricultural market Ė in particular, growers of grains, oilseeds and other crops who want to enhance crop yields and quality. Approximately 15% of our sales in this unit come from industrial markets.

What We Do

Agrium is a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America and a leading global producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products. We produce and market three primary groups of nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate and potash as well as controlled-release fertilizers and micronutrients.

What We DoAgrium operates across the agricultural products and services value chain, from manufacturing crop nutrients and other inputs right to providing these products, agronomic advice and application services to half a million growers worldwide.

Our focus on growth begins in our manufacturing facilities and extends right out to the fields where our customers use our products. See Business Overview.

  • Our†Wholesale unit produces, markets and distributes nitrogen, phosphate and potash for agricultural and industrial customers around the world. Through this strategic business unit we provide nutrients for life. Learn more.
  • Agriumís†Retail Strategic Business Unit is growing. We are now the largest direct-to-grower distributor of seed, agricultural crop protection products and crop nutrients. We also deliver solutions to growers to help them achieve their growth goals responsibly. Learn more.