Strategic Business Unit: Retail

Strategic Business Unit: Retail

Agrium’s agricultural Retail business is focused on providing innovative crop input products and related services to our customers – including high-quality seed, crop nutrition and crop protection products and agronomic and precision agriculture services.

Solutions for Growers

One of the ways Agrium is helping to feed the world responsibly is through our Retail unit. This unit supplies crop protection products, crop nutrients, seed, services and other products directly to customers through close to 1,500 retail locations in the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia and Canada.

In the U.S. and Canada, Agrium retail centers are identified under the name Crop Production Services. Our knowledgeable customer service staff conducts research and training throughout the year to stay on the edge of modern crop protection products. Our agronomists make it a priority to be familiar with the full range of products to provide growers with accurate information on their use, benefits and limitations. We are committed to using this expertise and experience to help our grower customers achieve maximum productivity and profitability from their operations.

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In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, Agrium’s retail farm centers operate under the name Agroservicios Pampeanos (ASP).

In Australia, Agrium's retail farm centers operate under the name Landmark.

Who Retail Sells To:

Retail works directly with growers in North America, South America and Australia to help implement state-of-the-art crop management practices, based on a thorough understanding of soils, climate conditions and crop requirements.

Solutions in Action:

When a product leaves our doors, that doesn’t mean it leaves our consideration. We employ about 2,000 Crop Agronomists in North America alone, who work directly with growers to customize safe and effective crop management programs.

As part of Agrium’s commitment to ensure that our products are used optimally – for the benefit of the environment as well as the grower – we have been a key supporter in the development of the 4R Global Nutrient Stewardship Framework. This science-based system identifies best practices for producers that apply nutrients. Its use allows growers to meet sustainability goals by adopting practices in the areas of form, rate, time and place. This unified approach allows all concerned stakeholders in the nutrients industry to speak with one voice and to focus limited resources to obtain the greatest value for all.